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Regular time-outs are important for a good attitude towards life. We believe that comfort, quality but also the floating feeling of the hammock / hanging chair plays an important role in this. Especially in the area of hotel and wellness this has a special meaning. Because our common goal is to create places of relaxation.


Our products are exclusively developed, manufactured and quality controlled in our own production in Germany.


Thus we have influence on all processes at any time.


Together with our service, we create all-weather furniture that lasts.


Our Batyline fabric from Serge Ferrari is easy to care for, very resilient and, with all its technical advantages, also pleasant on the skin. 

Sun, sea water or rain are not a problem. Our products can stay outside 365 days a year. This eliminates the daily effort of clearing away when it rains.


Our hanging chair ONE invites you to deep relaxation. While gently swinging, you quickly achieve the feeling of relaxation and lightheartedness. Specially tested by the "Institut Gesunder Rücken (IGR)" the ONE is the only hanging chair certified as particularly ergonomic.



Our hammocks collection includes a wide range of different models.

Hammocks with and without spreader bars, for one to four people, for small niches or large spa areas. Matching stands made of stainless steel or perfectly fixed with our special adhesive technology.



The application possibilities are unlimited. Wherever you want to create relaxation opportunities for your guests, we are the right partner.

Hotels, wellness and spa, thermal spas, vacation homes, ReHa facilities and much more. For each of our customers we take personal time to meet your needs with the help of our multi-layered services.

Feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to meet you.

for more information see the presentation of hanging chairs and hammocks here

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