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  • Renate Küllenberg

Our vision became reality!

From the vision to the tested realization!

Since 2009 we equip cruise ships with our @CRAZY CHAIR hammocks in Marine quality. The suite and balcony cabins of over 20 cruise ships have been equipped with them so far. The hammocks were attached to existing eyelets for suspension, which were either welded to the steel walls of the balconies or screwed into drilled holes.

Say goodbye to welding, drilling and riveting.
Say hello to our adhesive-based process.

Our innovative mounting solution revolutionizes the way hammocks can be mounted on cruise ships. No more surface damage, because the shipyard's original surface finish is not harmed. Ring eyes are bonded directly to the paint finish for a secure and permanent solution. This prevents corrosion and ugly rust marks are a thing of the past. Quick and easy adhesive installation is done without noise, dirt or odor, offers unparalleled flexibility and can be done during the cruise - even in the presence of passengers.

Choose safety, durability and sustainability.

The adhesive-based process was developed with our partner @Muehlhan Deutschland GmbH.

The comprehensive test procedures were carried out and licensed by the globally recognized @Fraunhofer Institute IGP.

It's worth it!

Take a detailed look at our revolutionary development now:


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