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  • Joachim Küllenberg

Marine Interiors, Hamburg, 6.9. - 8. 9. 2023

CRAZYCHAIR is a sponsoring partner of Marine Interiors, Hamburg, from 6 - 8. 9. 2023 at the Hamburg Exhibition Centre.

CRAZYCHAIR NAUTIC is pleased to be a sponsoring partner of "Marine Interiors 2023" with a relax-lounge (A1-634) of over 70 sqm. We will have our lounge where visitors can experience first-hand the unrivalled quality of our maritime hammocks and hanging chairs.

We will present our bonding technology.

We are taking this opportunity to showcase our innovative bonding technology for the first time at the show. Our specially developed stainless steel mounting plate, JUMBO, enables hammocks to be easily installed without drilling or welding. This groundbreaking adhesive solution has been put through its paces by the renowned Fraunhofer IGP Institute and certified for a load capacity of up to 2.5 tonnes.

Test it yourself

To give participants a tangible experience, we will have a hammock stand with 2 JUMBO adhesive plates available for testing. Feel the quality and strength for yourself and discover why CRAZYCHAIR is a trusted partner.


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